Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2024
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Almost 1.5m households are missing out on major £170 saving | Personal Finance | Finance

New figures released this week reveal that nearly 1.5 million homes are failing to claim their share of £249 million in free .

A TV licence is required if you watch or record live TV programmes, regardless of the device used – be it a TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Additionally, using BBC iPlayer also necessitates a TV licence, whether you’re watching live TV, catching up on shows, or downloading content.

However, if you’re catching up on shows via other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITVX, Disney Plus, YouTube, All 4 or My5, a TV licence isn’t necessary. But, if you’re tuning into live shows through these platforms, then a TV licence would be required.

The cost of a TV licence has recently increased to £169.50, but not everyone is required to pay for one. If you’re over the age of 75 and claim Pension Credit, you’re eligible for a free TV licence.

However, recent data from Policy in Practice reveals the vast number of households that are missing out.

Out of the 1.47 million people who aren’t claiming a free TV licence, an astonishing 807,704 households eligible for Pension Credit have failed to submit a claim for their free TV licence. Pension Credit is a benefit that provides additional funds if you’re over the state pension age and on a low income.

The standard minimum guarantee part of Pension Credit is currently valued at £218.15 a week for singles, or £332.95 a week for couples.

Depending on whether you’re a carer, severely disabled, or responsible for a child or young person, you may be eligible for additional elements on top of this. You can apply for Pension Credit online via the GOV.

UK website, by dialling 0800 99 1234, or by completing and submitting a paper application form. Pension Credit is accessible if you are above the state pension age and reside in England, Scotland, or Wales.

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