Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2023
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Animal Rising takes lambs from King’s Appleton Farm in West Newton | UK | News

Eco-activists from the campaigning group, Animal Rising, have taken three lambs from The King‘s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk as part of an “open rescue”. The eco-mob, previously called Animal Rebellion, snuck onto the private land last night and drove off with the lambs.

Three women wearing Animal Rising t-shirts were pictured taking the lambs from Appleton Farm in West Newton.

They were also snapped in the back of the van with the young animals.

Sarah Foy, 23, Rosa Sharkey, 23, and Rose Patterson, 33, tried to hand themselves in at a police station in Windsor this morning (May 25).

Patterson, a director of the eco-mob, had previously been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance following her role as a leader in a plan to sabotage the Grand National.

The group were also pictured carrying placards and photographs of the lambs. The placards read: “I rescued the King’s Sheep”.

Ms Foy said: “Like anyone, animals want to live out their lives safely and without being used or exploited. Sadly that is not the case here at Sandringham, or anywhere they are used in our food system. 

“That is exactly why we rescued three sheep today – three beautiful lambs who’ll now live their lives to the fullest. We urgently need a national conversation about our relationship with other animals and nature. 

“The Royal Family could be leading the way in this; they own land around twice the size of Greater London. 

“It would be an incredible statement for them to fully commit to the transition to a safe, secure, plant-based food system and a rewilding programme. Mending our connection to animals is vital in tackling the climate and nature crises.”

Animal Rising, which says the animal abduction was the start of a series of “open rescues” over the summer, is an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion.

Recently, they allegedly stormed a Michelin-Star restaurant in Glasgow, claiming that the restaurant refused to cater for vegans.

Seven protesters were arrested at the high-end restaurant Cail Bruich, on Great Western Road.

They allegedly disturbed the dinner service at 7.30 pm by sitting at occupied tables reserved for customers and held up placards with pictures showing the inside of UK farms.

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