Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023
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Bahamas Island where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed up for sale for whopping £80m | World | News

An entire island, which was used as the location of blockbuster Hollywood films including Pirates of the Caribbean and James Bond, is up for sale for a whopping £80million. The private island in the Bahamas known as Little Pipe Cay is located in the Exumas archipelago and comes with not just its natural beauty but also outstanding services.

The island, which currently operates as a short-stay accommodation, includes a main property called Manor House, four cottages, a gym, an Olympic-sized infinity pool and a spa.

Little Pipe Cay is also equipped with a deepwater dock big enough for a superyacht, a seaplane and a helipad.

The island is a perfect destination for both people who want to relax while immersed in nature and the more adventurous type.

Jet skis and kayaks are included with the property, which is operating as a rental resort and comes for prices ranging between £60,000 ($75,000) and £76,700 ($95,000) per night.

Despite the presence of these amenities, the island has been largely left in its natural state.

Little Pipe Cay, which spans more than 40 acres, also boasts fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, referred to as “Bombay-Sapphire Blue”.

People on the island can catch glimpses of the exotic plants and animals inhabiting it, including dolphins and sea turtles.

This slice of paradise doesn’t come cheap, as it’s being sold for a whopping £80million ($100m).

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The island was reportedly first listed for sale in 2018 for £68.64m ($85m), and its connection with world-famous film franchises has always made it particularly attractive.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the first of a series of successful films featuring the adventures of Johnny Depp‘s eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow, was partially filmed on the island.

Little Pipe Cay also made an appearance in Casino Royale, one of the James Bond films featuring Daniel Craig as the 007 agent.

The island, which with its buildings can comfortably house some 22 people, was developed by late Shipston Group founder Michael Dingman in the 1990s.

Buyers will also acquire the right to further develop the island, which has the potential of being either a private vacation destination or an investment property.

Little Pipe Cay is one of 365 islands in the Exumas archipelago and buyers will become the neighbours of several stars owning other private islands.

Among them are US actor and producer Tyler Perry and Mr Depp, who fell in love with the area during the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The island, which he purchased in 2004 and named Little Hall’s Pond Cay, includes a solar-powered ranch and beaches he renamed after people he is close to.

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