Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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Barcelona tourist’s extreme measures to stay safe divides travellers | Travel News | Travel

A savvy traveller has shared her top safety tactics while exploring Barcelona.

Jet-setters often pack their snazziest outfits and essential gadgets to stay entertained during trips, not to mention withdrawing some local currency for day-to-day expenses. However, it’s crucial to stay alert as many tourist hotspots, especially in city centres, are notorious for petty theft.

Spain‘s bustling cities have seen a spike in pickpocketing incidents, with Barcelona reportedly being a hotspot for such crimes. The travel website Barcelona Yellow cautions: “Sadly there are many pickpockets in popular tourist areas, so be aware in busy tourist places, airports, train stations, metro and also in your hotel lobby. Pickpockets in Barcelona are generally not violent.”

Despite these warnings, numerous TripAdvisor users have reported feeling secure in the Catalan capital. Yet, one woman left people online stunned by taking every precaution to ensure her and her son’s safety during their visit to Barcelona.

The social media influencer, who goes by @victorias.way online, is famed across platforms like Instagram and TikTok for her advice on navigating and staying safe in various global destinations.

She recently posted a video on TikTok, detailing how people can “protect themselves” in Barcelona. The clip has gone viral, amassing more than 21million views, where she showcases what actions to take in different scenarios.

If you’re dining al fresco and have a bag with you, Victoria suggests tying it to your leg for security. When staying in a hotel, she advises placing a hefty piece of furniture behind the door to make forced entry more challenging.

Those who’ve brough jewellery on their trip, Victoria recommends storing it in your room’s safe. Meanwhile, people travelling with kids, Victoria proposes using a GPS tracking chip on them as a precautionary measure in case they wander off. She also cautions that when strolling around Barcelona’s city centre, always keep your mobile phone within sight.

The same rule applies to your backpack – carry it in front, not on your back. Her final safety tip involves using a keyring equipped with a concealed knife.

After viewing the video, many viewers questioned Barcelona’s safety. “Is it that dangerous? ” one user queried. “If I have to do this to go somewhere it’s not worth it! ,” another added. One person shared their experience, stating: “I’m from Guatemala. I have never been robbed before. But in Barcelona someone stole my phone.”

However, some believe the mum’s extreme protective measures are overkill. A local woman claims she has “never” been robbed in the city. A different visitor commented: “I stayed for a week in Barcelona in March and never had a problem with pickpockets.”

They did acknowledge, however, that the same vigilance is required in other major cities like Rome and Paris.

Another person confirmed their smooth experience in Barcelona, stating: “I went to Barcelona. Didn’t do any of this and didn’t have any problems – walked everywhere.” Another person chimed in: “Yes there’s a lot of pickpockets in the metro of bar but when you’re out to dinner or in the centre is really safe, so enjoy.”

One solo traveller on social media expressed: “I went on a solo trip to Barcelona and did not feel unsafe at any point! Day or night. Wonderful city.”

Speaking from personal experience, another added: “I went to Barcelona solo at 26. The bag safety is valid but walk with a purpose and no one bothers you.”

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