Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024
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Beautiful Spanish city is a cheap alternative to Barcelona holiday | Travel News | Travel

Barcelona is one of Europe’s leading city break destinations but it’s not the cheapest option for a holiday in Spain.

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable Spanish holiday or you’ve already visited Barcelona, there’s a fantastic alternative just a little further along the coast.

Just a little south of Barcelona, Tarragona is a great choice for Britons who are looking for something a little different.

The seaside city is known for its Roman history, pretty old town and proximity to nearby beaches.

Tarragon’s Roman amphitheatre dates back to the 2nd century and could seat up to 14,000 spectators in its day.‌

Don’t miss another of the city’s Roman landmarks, the Circ Roma, which was used for chariot races.

The El Poblet monastery is a UNESCO heritage site and one of the world’s largest existing Cistercian monasteries. The rooms and gardens are all open to the public so visit to get a glimpse of life as a monk.

After you’ve had your fill of history, head to Tarragona’s Mercat Central to try some of the city’s local delicacies. It might not be as big as Barcelona’s La Boqueria but it’s sure to be much less crowded.

Unsurprisingly, Tarragona has some delicious seafood restaurants and tourists won’t want to leave without trying the city’s iconic romesco.

While the recipe can vary, romesco usually consists of garlic, peppers, oil and wine and is served poured over the catch of the day.

End your trip with a visit to the city’s cathedral which has incredible city views from its bell tower.

As Tarragona is located on Spain’s ‘Golden Coast’, tourists can easily reach some of Catalonia’s best beaches from the city. Accommodation generally costs much less than in Barcelona but tourists can still benefit from cheap flights to Barcelona from the UK.

Tarragona is around an hour’s drive from Barcelona Airport while the two cities are about an hour’s train journey apart.

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