Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2024
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Benidorm warning as new beach rule could see Brits in Spain fined £130 | World | News

British tourists in Benidorm could be fined an eye-watering sum for flouting a little-known rule brought in by its Town Hall – which relates to one of the most common pastimes for children on a day out at the seaside.

The famous Spanish coastal city is insanely popular with UK holidaymakers, particularly with stag and hen dos, as well as families looking for a sunny getaway on a budget.

It’s home to countless hotels, British pubs and restaurants, as well as a beautiful (albeit very busy) golden sandy beach.

However, visitors heading to the city’s iconic Levante Beach, which features heavily on the popular TV series of the same name, are now being warned of an incredibly strange rule which could leave you around £130 out of pocket if you fall foul of it.

Eight years ago back in 2016, Benidorm Town Hall bosses voted to ban “sand structures” across the entirety of the beach – with rule-breakers being fined up to €150 (around £130) – unless they have a permit.

Fortunately, children with a bucket and spade won’t be charged for making pretty little sandcastles – but so-called “sand architects” who enjoy making incredible sculptures out of the beach could find themselves at risk of feeling the full force of the law.

Millions of British tourists head to Benidorm and other towns and cities up and down the Costa Blanca every year, and there are several other rules which they should be aware of.

Different towns and cities have different rules which are all regulated by local authorities, so it is important to check the rules relating to the specific location where you are going on holiday.

In Murcia and Benidorm, for example, fines for playing “paddle games” can range between €700 (£590) and €3,000 (£2,500).

Some beaches, like in the Galicia region, are smoke-free, while in Andalusia, fines for camping on beaches can be as high as £1,270.

Meanwhile in the Marbella area, officials have doubled the fine for holidaymakers who urinate in the sea, with British tourists now at risk of being fined £624 if they break the rule, which came into force on 25 beaches in the area from June 21.

Benidorm’s Levante Beach recently came under criticism from British tourists who visit it every day in the summer, with some blasting people who drive mobility scooters up and down the Promenade “at 40 miles per hour”.

In a Tripadvisor post, angry holidaymaker Kieran M wrote: “Don’t get me wrong the place was lovely and very close to the UK as I don’t like flying but the only thing I detest with a vengeance is the way the scooters and their mobility scooters are used.

“I know scooters are used for work to deliver food and other things, but when someone goes around a tight corner at nearly 30-40 miles an hour – even other tourists are shocked as it nearly missed them.”

Benidorm attracted nearly three million visitors last year, with nearly one-third of that total hailing from Britain. The resort, though, is starting to receive complaints about overcrowding, especially on the beaches, with one visitor, Helen, writing on TripAdvisor: “Too many people, couldn’t see the beach for bodies!”

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