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Best Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals: Get £150 for your BROKEN phone

best galaxy z fold 4 deals


Looking for the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals? You’re in luck, there are some stellar discounts available today.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s cutting-edge foldable phone, which was released back in August 2022 alongside the . It’s one of the most expensive handsets that Samsung sells – topping even the price tag of the – so you really need a solid discount, deal, or promotion.

And there are plenty.

For a limited time, Samsung will guarantee a £150 discount on its Galaxy Z Fold 4 when you trade in any phone. And that means any smartphone. You can hand over a smashed Nokia 3310 from the early 00s and you’ll still earn a £150 discount on a brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 4. As such, it’s the perfect time to spring-clean your drawers!

Of course, if you trade-in a more valuable handset, you can unlock much bigger discounts. Samsung offers up to £570 off the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when you trade-in the likes of the , or £500 for the previous-generation Galaxy Z Fold 3.

You can trade-in a broken Nokia 3310 unearthed from the back of a dusty cupboard and Samsung will pay you £150

Best of all, you won’t need to give your phone to Samsung until after the Fold 4 arrives, so you’ll be able to transfer your data over to the new handset. Only when you’re happy that everything is set-up will you need to post your old phone off to Samsung.

AO has slashed £350 off the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, with next-day delivery available at no cost. It also offers interest-free payment plans for those who don’t want to stump up £1,299 upfront.

All Galaxy Z Fold 4 orders will be eligible for a free subscription to Disney+, worth £47.94. You’ll be able to stream exclusive boxsets, blockbusters and documentaries on your new Fold 4 as well as any other device with a Disney+ app. The free subscription lasts six months.

samsung galaxy z fold 4 hinge design

The Fold 4’s hinge can prop open the handset to binge boxsets and functions like a tripod for video (Image: SAMSUNG )

Galaxy Z Fold 4: What’s new?

Don’t worry if you missed the Galaxy Unpacked event last year, we’ve got everything you need to know about the latest foldable phone from Samsung.

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a follow-up to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from 2021. Don’t expect a monumental overhaul to the formula, Samsung has spent the last year making a number of incremental improvements and tweaks to the handset.

First up, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 arrives with an ever-so-slightly bigger 7.6-inch AMOLED display. Like last year, this is a 120Hz high refresh-rate that should ensure system animations like scrolling and fast-paced gameplay looks superb on the screen.

The selfie camera – hidden beneath the folding screen – is much better disguised this time around (solving a common complaint with the Galaxy Z Fold 3). While it’s pretty obvious where the camera is housed when the AMOLED touchscreen is switched off, as soon as it springs to life, it’s much harder to pinpoint the lens buried beneath the pixels. Samsung says this design should ensure the best experience on its expansive tablet-like screen.

best samsung galaxy z fold 4 deals

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is pocket-sized, but packs a tablet-like experience when unfolded (Image: SAMSUNG )

There are also new colour options and support for a redesigned S Pen stylus with a softer tip to annotate webpages and emails, sign PDFs, or doodle on the pliable glass screen. Unfortunately, unlike the  and its successor, there’s nowhere to house the S Pen stylus inside the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Instead, you’ll need to buy a protective case with a stylus holster (Samsung sells one) or pocket the S Pen separately.

For the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung has redesigned the hinge, so the handset is a little lighter. The stiffness of the hinge also means you’ll be able to prop-open the Galaxy Z Fold 4 like a small laptop. Samsung has tweaked the Android operating system to take advantage of this mode, with the crease becoming a dividing line for two apps running side-by-side.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also rated IPX8, which means it can be dunked in one metre of fresh water without any issues …so no need to nestle your foldable in a bag of rice overnight if you accidentally drop it into the pool or spill a drink over it.

See how the Galaxy Z Fold 4 compares to the other flagship foldable phone launched in 2022 with our in-depth . Or, you can read about the 2023 handsets from Samsung in our .

Latest Fold 4 deals

There are a number of reasons to buy the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 4 direct from Samsung. But even if you choose to shop elsewhere, you will be able to claim some of the benefits, including a free Disney Plus subscription which can be redeemed by all new Galaxy Z Fold 4 owners from the Samsung website.

As well as bolstering trade-in values to offer discounts up to £570 – reducing the handset from £1,649 to £1,079, Samsung is also bundling a six-month subscription to Disney Plus and a bundle of accessories, including a protective case, worth £89.99.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available in Greygreen, Beige, and Phantom Black. Samsung has reserved one final colour – Burgundy – as an exclusive for its own online and high street stores. It’s available at no extra cost.

While that’s a superb deal, you might be tempted to order the Galaxy Z Fold 4 from other online and high street stores.

For example, John Lewis & Partners offers an extra one-year hardware warranty on all consumer electronics compared with its closest competition (and Samsung itself). Meanwhile, other retailers, like Very, allow you to choose between a multitude of repayment plans, so you won’t have to stump-up all of the cash upfront.

Amazon Prime members will enjoy next-day (and in some parts of the UK, same-day) delivery at no extra cost, so it makes sense to buy from the online shopping giant. And if you live close to a branch of Argos or Currys, you might be able to arrange pick-up of your shiny new smartphone within a few hours – even Amazon can’t top that for speediness!

We’ve rounded-up the latest SIM-free prices for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 below –

Latest pay monthly deals

If you’d rather not pay for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 outright, there are a number of pay monthly deals with the biggest UK mobile carriers. As mentioned above, regardless of whether you buy the Galaxy Z Fold 4 direct from Samsung or with a pay monthly contract from EE, Three, O2, or others …you’ll still be able to claim the 6-month free subscription to Disney+.

However, some mobile networks – such as O2 – will include free subscriptions of their own, so you’ll have even more freebies to test out on your new handset. We’ve put together the latest Galaxy Z Fold 4 deals below from the major networks.

To make the comparison fair, we’ve picked pay monthly deals with between 20GB to 30GB of 5G mobile data each month.

Of course, this 5G data allowance won’t suit absolutely everyone, but it should be enough for most people. With roughly 25GB of data, you’ll be able to stream music or YouTube videos when away from Wi-Fi, answer video calls, and plot routes on Google Maps without worrying about running out. For those who binge boxsets on Netflix on the train to work every day and don’t want to plan ahead and download episodes at home …you might want to plump for more data. 

Which is better Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4?

Well, that depends. Both of these handsets, announced at the same Galaxy Unpacked event in August 2022, rely on the latest folding screen technology from Samsung – but for very different results.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 uses its pliable screen technology to fold like the flip-phones that were immensely popular in the late 90s or early 00s. This means the footprint of the handset is half of the size of the screen – perfect for those who want a good-sized screen but don’t have deep pockets (or any pockets) in their jeans or jacket.

In comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a much bigger handset already and will require some thumb gymnastics …and that’s before you decide to unfold it. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 uses its flexible glass display to squeeze a tablet-sized screen into your pocket.

galaxy z fold 4 versus galaxy z flip 4

Samsung offers two foldable phones with very similar specs …but completely different experiences (Image: SAMSUNG)

Opening like a paperback novel, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is designed to allow you to get some serious work done with a spreadsheet, play a game on an expansive screen, enjoy a Kindle eReader-like experience, or get lost in a movie or boxset from Netflix on your next flight, commute, or over lunch.

If you want the biggest screen that it’s possible to fit inside your pocket, pick the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If you’re sick of the palm-stretching size of modern phones, the folding screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 cuts the size of the phone in half, so it’s much more manageable.

If you want more details, read our in-depth .

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