Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2024
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Best spot to see Northern Lights has warm climate and few tourists | Travel News | Travel

The cruising company Fred Olsen has shared the best holiday destinations for tourists wanting a good view of the Northern Lights.

With 2024 set to offer some of the best views of the phenomenon in the last 20 years, with destinations featuring less light pollution and warmer weather giving visitors a better chance of seeing it.

Neill Sanders, Astronomer and founder of Go Stargazing, noted that the increased chances of seeing the Northern Lights are due to the current state of the solar cycle.

He explained: “2024 into 2025 is a fantastic time to see the Northern Lights. During this period, the sun will reach its peak of activity in an 11-year solar cycle, resulting in an increased number of sunspots on its surface.

“These sunspots harbour the energy that ultimately gives rise to incredible displays of the Northern Lights. The more of them, the better your chances!”

According to Fred Olsen, the destination that is set to give tourists the most impressive views of the Northern Lights is Rhodes in Greece.

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes’ low population means there is little light pollution, whilst there are typically very few clouds to cover the views.

However, in addition to the nighttime views, visitors to Rhodes can also walk down the narrow streets that were built during medieval times or simply relax on one of the island’s many beaches.

Another destination Fred Olsen recommended for tourists looking to see the Northern Lights is Hvar, an island in Croatia.

Said to be the nation’s sunniest spot, featuring an average of over 2,700 hours of sunshine each year, low levels of light pollution let visitors easily observe the night sky.

During the daytime, tourists in Hvar can go on a fresh-air walk through its many lavender fields or sample some of the local wines produced on the island.

Finally, the cruise company suggested a trip to nearby Korčula, another Croatian island that offers visitors a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Whilst this island, located on the Dalmatian Coast, also features little light pollution, it also has a lower amount of tourists, making it a peaceful destination for a break.

Other than the clear night skies, travellers can visit the beautiful St Mark’s Cathedral to see it’s traditional Dalmatian architecture or dine out at one of the many restaurants in the town centre.

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