Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2023
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Boost economy seats on flights with ‘excellent little gadget’ under £10 | Travel News | Travel

Economy seats are the cheapest option for flying, especially if you . However, economy flights are far less spacious than their business-class counterparts and also come with fewer amenities.

Though most modern economy long-haul flights offer in-seat televisions for passengers, short-haul budget carriers such as Jet2, easyJet and Ryanair do not offer in-flight entertainment. But according to travellers, an “excellent little gadget” can transform your experience for less than £10.

With apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus and the BBC allowing users to easily download entertainment onto their phone for on-the-go viewing, you don’t even need an in-seat display to watch a film while flying. (If you don’t already have Disney Plus, but want to download the app before your next flight, ). 

But, the downside of this can mean looking down at your phone for long periods of time or trying to find a way to prop it up on your tray table. That’s where this handy little gadget comes in.

The Universal Aeroplane Phone Mount from Perilogics provides an ergonomic way to set up your phone and watch your favourite TV show or movie without craning your neck. There are a number of different ways to set up the phone mount to ensure your smartphone is at a comfortable eye level. 

The Phone Mount is available for as little as £9.99 on Amazon – and today you can slash the cost of your purchase in half! Amazon is offering £5 off everything on its website to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the UK. To unlock the discount, you’ll need to type code AMAZONUK25 at checkout. However, this limited deal is only available until 11.59pm on Friday, September 15, 2023. 

Passengers who have used the phone mount gave it a 4.2 out of five stars when rating the product on Amazon, with one customer named Roger describing it as an “excellent little gadget”. He continued: “Well put together, light but very strong this is a great little gadget.

“I used it on the plane and it was brilliant! Just attached it to the tray and also back of seat and it stayed put no problem!

“Fits great in your bag and for the price I don’t think it could be bettered Loved the fact that I could swivel my phone to get a great angle to watch 10 out of 10 from me!” [SIC]

Another customer, JP Leonardo also added: “This product has made my travels so much easier and more enjoyable. The mount is straightforward to install and securely holds my phone in place while in flight.

“I love that I can easily access my phone without constantly taking it in and out of my pocket or bag. The adjustable arm makes it easy to position my phone at the perfect angle for watching movies, reading, or working on my laptop.”

As an added bonus, it can also be used as a mount for taking photographs or videos. JP said: “It’s also great for taking photos or videos out the window!”

The phone mount also comes in a selection of colours such as pink or lilac, as well as black, for those who want to add a little bit of fun to their travel accessories. However, the colourful options do come at a higher price compared to the black phone mount.

The Universal Airplane Phone Mount is comprised of two spring-loaded clamps. One of these attaches to your tray table, while the other can be opened up to clip your phone in place.

These are clipped together with a rotatable hinge, meaning you can easily move the device to suit your needs. This includes a 360-rotating if you fancy scrolling on Instagram or TikTok without removing your phone from the clamp.

You can fold the mount to create a stand that sits directly on your tray table, or you can use it to clip onto the back of the tray table when it is folded.

While has not reviewed the Perilogics Universal Aeroplane Phone Mount customers offered mainly positive reviews of the product. Keith D said: “No more neck cramps travelling. After many neck cramps on flights caused by watching movies and shows looking down [at] my phone, I thought I’d give this device a whirl.

“It gives you the option of mounting your phone at eye level so you’re not looking down into your lap. This is obviously much more comfortable and ergonomic.” [SIC]

The only negative point some customers noted is that the mount may be a little flimsy if not handled carefully, but that this is still “worth” the price.

A Leppard said: “For the price, worth buying. Could be easily broken though and doesn’t like a phone in its case. But if the first few times you take care when opening it out, and get used to what it does, then will work well.”

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