Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2024
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Brit tourists warned as Spain to be hit with scorching 36C when April’s barely started | World | News

British tourists thinking about spending the first week of April in sunny may get more than they bargained for as temperatures in the country could rise towards 40C.

show an intense heat developing over the nation early next month when other countries will remain comparatively cool and likely wet.

Spain is currently under multiple weather advisories, with more inclement conditions such as wind and vicious surf on the coast putting people living in some regions in danger.

Meteorological agencies have warned that “coastal events” could put people at risk of injury and properties at risk of damage over the next day or two.

Beyond then, the warming weather could dish out significant highs of 36C in Spain, according to maps showing possible maximum temperatures for the country over the next week.

Recent maps from WXCharts show high atmospheric changes incoming between April 8 and 9.

While the forecasts are subject to change at this point, charts showing 850hpa temperatures – the temperature at 1,500km (932 miles) to the atmospheric boundary area – suggest the mercury could climb to 20C.

On the ground below, temperatures could reach nearly twice as high, rocketing to 36C on the southeast coast, where the country looks out onto North Africa.

Residents of Murcia could see those unbearable highs, with nearby communities Caravaca de la Cruz and the area near Albacete tipped for 33C and 34C, respectively.

Areas to the southwest of Valencia and orbiting Brit tourist hotspot Benidorm could also see 36C, with the heat rising to 31C in other communities further north along the coast.

The temperatures are comparable to those across the Alborian Sea, with Algeria and Morocco expected to see similar highs during the same period.

But the forecast is reasonably far into the future and ultimately subject to change, meaning temperatures could rise or fall in the coming weeks.

Those who manage to holiday in Spain over the next two weeks could avoid the considerably more miserable outlook for the UK.

The Met Office has predicted that, between April 1 and 10, there will be some “uncertainty” to the forecast but that conditions would likely be “widely unsettled”.

The forecast states: “Most areas look likely to see further showers and some longer spells of rain at times, although interspersed with some drier spells in between.

“It looks likely that a north-south split could set up across the UK. The wettest weather will tend to favour the south whilst northern parts remain a bit drier on average.

“In association with this split, in general, temperatures will be close to average, but it will be occasionally cooler in the north and milder in the south.”

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