Published On: Sat, Nov 18th, 2023
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Carnival Cruise Lines accuse couple of stealing $13K in artwork off the ship | Cruise | Travel

Carnival Cruises has accused a couple of stealing not one, but two, precious pieces of artwork off of one of their ships.

The cruise line is claiming that they were able to identify one of the suspects thanks to their Facebook postings.

The FBI, who handles crimes on board cruises, claims that the couple made their move on a ship traveling from Baltimore to Bermuda in late September.

The ship’s auctioneer alerted authorities that two sculptures worth more than $13,000 went missing on October 1.

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Surveillance footage was reviewed and revealed a man and a woman sneaking into the ship’s art gallery empty-handed at around 2am on that day.

The FBI claims that the passengers left with items that were “consistent in appearance with the missing sculptures.”

The man was identified after agents found his Facebook profile, which reportedly also contained photos of the pilfered artwork.

He was also dressed in the same outfit that he wore to commit the heist.

A lucite sculpture by American artist Robert Wyland called Kiss the Sea, which contains two turtles suspended in transparent plastic, and Marcus Glen‘s Tappin’ the Keys for the Love, which is similar in style but contains a man playing the piano inside a heart, were stolen.

One sculpture was worth $6,200, while another was worth $6,600, according to court documents.

The FBI was granted a search warrant for the couple’s home, and they were able to retrieve the stolen sculptures.

No charges have been filed, as of yet, but the couple could still be charged with theft and transportation of stolen goods.

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