Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2024
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Cheapest destinations for 2024 are much more exotic than expected | Travel News | Travel

With many tourists , the online discounts platform Wethrift has shared the most .

By checking the , accommodation, transport and local attractions to get an overall figure, the company found that New Delhi in India is the for a .

The capital of India, New Delhi is an expansive area with nearly 34 million calling the metro area that encompasses the city their home.

According to Wethrift, there are 145 flight routes going to the city, making it straightforward and affordable to get to, and accommodation typically costs around £39 per night.

The typical attraction has an average cost of £50.89, however there are plenty of locations that tourists can visit for free in New Delhi, including India Gate, a monument remembering those who died during the Indian War, and the Swaminarayan Akshardham gardens.

Another destination that the company recommended for budget-conscious tourists is Hanoi, Vietnam’s second most populous city.

Once known as ‘Dragon Belly’, Hanoi’s rich history can be traced back to 257BC, with the oldest signs of life in the area on display at the National Museum of Vietnamese History, located nearby the Red River in the city.

Accommodation is usually somewhat cheaper in Hanoi, priced at an average of £32.42, and food and drinks are also very inexpensive, with a meal out often costing under £2 per person.

Wethrift also suggested Cairo, Egypt for travellers wanting to experience a new place with good prices, with 126 flight paths meaning it is easy to get to.

Known for its Giza Pyramids and the River Nile, Cairo is full of beautiful spots that are often some of the cheapest in the world to visit, with the company stating an average attraction price of £38.19.

Getting there is also incredibly affordable, with public transport typically costing visitors £0.26, and most drinks cost around £1.

Finally, Wethrift highlighted that Istanbul in Turkey is another good choice for a good-value holiday destination, with more than 300 flight routes into the city.

Attractions can be pricey, with the company noting an average cost of £95.33, however there are plenty of intricately designed mosques, parks, and a history city that tourists can visit free of charge.

Accommodation is also very fairly priced, typically priced at £71.33, and meals out often available at under £7.

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