Published On: Sun, May 12th, 2024
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Cruise guest shares crucial first day tip for new cruise passengers | Cruise | Travel

Cruise passengers won’t need to worry about liquid restrictions or weight limits like they would on a plane.

However, they’ll still need to think about what to pack as cruise ships generally deliver passengers’ luggage to their rooms on the first afternoon.

This means that guests won’t have access to their main luggage until late in the day if they board in the morning.

An experienced cruiser wrote on Reddit: “Wear your bathing suit while boarding. You will probably want to go jump in the pool right away but sometimes your luggage will not be in your room when you board.”

Cruise ship swimming pools are generally on the small side, so the first day might be the best time for a dip.

The pool is likely to be less crowded on the first day than later on in the cruise, so it’s a great idea to wear your swimwear when you board. Don’t forget the sun cream!

The passenger added: “Don’t hog the chairs. Pool chairs are limited. I suggest you go down early to get your spot but don’t throw your towel on there and leave.

“Some ships have been removing belongings after a certain period of time, also it’s rude.”

Chair hogging, or saving a pool chair by leaving your stuff, is frowned upon by the majority of cruise lines.‌

Some cruise ships will have staff remove people’s belongings if they’re left unattended for longer than half an hour.

In another pool-related tip, the passenger warned: “Bring extra swimwear especially if you don’t have a balcony or place to dry out your wet items.”

An extra swimming costume could come in handy if you want to use the pool a lot while you’re on holiday.

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