Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2024
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Cruise guests warned over key cabin mistake that ruins sleep | Cruise | Travel

Cruise passengers are usually able to pick their cabin location, if they’re willing to pay a little extra when they book.

But where should passengers choose or avoid if they want to have a peaceful night’s sleep?

A guest posted on Reddit: “In the past three nights, we’ve been getting a lot of noises from the deck above us. Which is a loud banging noise, akin to a construction hammer banging and drilling noises.

“These noises tend to start at around 10pm and this would carry on until at least 3am. We’ve informed guest services countless times, to no avail.

“I don’t presume this to be a neighbour, but rather some employees above us, as we were in the top cabin just below the kitchen.”

Cruise cabins might be between other rooms, or they could be next to some of the ship’s facilities, such as the swimming pool, gym or restaurant.

An experienced cruise guest said: “Ships run 24/7. You didn’t pick your cabin wisely. Next time, make sure you are surrounded by other cabins.”

Another person said: “Unfortunately cabin selection does matter, food prep for thousands of people on a ship that barely sleeps is likely 24/7. Next time look at deck plans and try to make sure you have cabins above and below you.”

Many passengers say that cabins between other cabins offer the best night’s sleep as they’re much more likely to be quiet rooms.

However, this could depend upon how quiet your neighbouring passengers are. Guests can never guarantee who is in the room next door.

One guest said: “I had a cabin underneath the pool deck one trip. Apparently, they drag the deck chairs out at around 5am every day. Lesson learned, choose your cabin more carefully next time.”

Cruise crew working in the kitchens or by the pool often have to get up very early to set up the ship for passengers.

That means that guests in the rooms near these areas may have to deal with a lot of early morning noise.

On the other hand, guests with rooms near to the ship’s bars or restaurants may hear noise late into the night.

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