Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2024
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Cruise holiday: The unusual item that makes cruise life easier | Cruise | Travel

A number of have taken to Reddit to discuss the to help make other’s upcoming voyages .

With around the globe, it can be difficult to know , particularly if it is a tourist’s first time travelling on one.

Posting to the r/Cruise subreddit, the Reddit user @grayrace1 asked others in the group what items they pack to improve life on board the ship, noting that they have a great use for a sliding card holder.

They explained: “So I was a few years ago and someone gave me a card holder with a thumb slide out. Changed my life.

“It’s so easy to use. Keep on the lanyard, quick to get drinks at the bar. Fantastic! It broke last cruise so I just ordered a pack and will be giving some away on my cruise in December. What other little thing makes cruise life so much easier for you?”

Responding to the question, one Reddit user stated that they always put a folding bag inside their luggage, noting it has two uses.

Whilst on board, the guest explained that they are able to use the bag to store all of their dirty laundry, so it does not get mixed with clean clothes.

However, when the holiday comes to a close, the Reddit user is able to spend less time worrying about fitting all of their souvenirs into their luggage.

Another Redditor recommended that tourists with a cruise on the way bring along a shoe organiser, which can be used to organise a variety of items.

They advised: “A cheap shoe organiser and strong magnetic hooks to put it up on the wall. Keeps the sunglasses, sunscreen, flip flops, goggles etc organised and the room is less cluttered.

“We cruise with our kids and have four in the room, so this makes a big difference.”

Finally, one experienced cruiser suggested future guests bring along painkillers, with cruise companies often charging premium prices.

They added: “[On] one of my first cruises I didn’t bring any pain relievers with me. It cost me $11 (£8.70) for a tube of ten Tylenol on board.

“I always bring a plastic bag of OTC [over the counter] pain relievers, digestive and first-aid supplies.”

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