Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2024
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Cruise passenger slams ‘entitled’ guests for rude behaviour | Cruise | Travel

Cruises are supposed to be spent relaxing and exploring new destinations, but on occasion, fellow cruise guests could be the thing that sours your . According to one former guest, there is one behaviour they witnessed from another passenger which left them feeling less than pleased.

In a forum dedicated to “entitled” cruise guests, one holidaymaker shared the poolside faux pas that changed the course of their day.

The anonymous poster wrote: “[My] wife and I decided to not get off in port and relax on board. There were a handful of ‘premium’ pool loungers that were slightly submerged in shallow pool water.

“We had a couple of them and the folks who were obviously used to always getting their way just couldn’t handle it.

“I got up to go use the restroom and a lady jumped into my lounger and declared that I left. All my stuff was sitting there along with my wife.

“I was maybe 10 feet away and came back to let her know I would be returning after I went to the bathroom. You would have thought I stole her puppy or something. Loudly complaining how it wasn’t fair, we had been there all day.

“We were ready to leave but decided to stay absolutely as long as we could just to listen to her complain.”

Poolside sun loungers are often a cause of controversy onboard ships, with one cruise expert urging guests to never try and reserve a sun lounger.

Etiquette expert Grant Harrold, on behalf of, explained that this is just one of several mistakes first-time cruise-goers may make.

,” he warned. “You do get people first thing in the morning who will run down with their towel, but there are only so many sun loungers and it should be first come first served.

“It’s one thing to get up to get something to eat or drink but it’s another to go and set a towel down like a little reservation card on a dining table and expect people to leave it before you come back two hours later. You really shouldn’t.”

While it’s okay to leave your towel on your sunbed to go and get a drink from the bar or collect something from your room, reserving a bed for hours on end is seen as a faux pas.

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