Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2024
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Cruise passengers warned which seas to avoid if they suffer from seasickness | Cruise | Travel

There’s nothing quite like a cruise on the open sea. That is, unless you suffer from seasickness.

Seasickness can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness and it makes being at sea thoroughly unpleasant.

However, there are a few things cruise holidaymakers can do to lessen their risk of suffering from seasickness.

The travel expert team at Omio have shared their top tips for worried cruise guests and one starts right at the booking stage.

They said: “The first thing you should consider when choosing a cruise is the route it will take. If you suffer badly from motion or seasickness, then there are some seas and oceans you’ll want to avoid travelling through.

“You’ll want to avoid any cruise itineraries that pass through any North Atlantic crossings, as well as the Caribbean during hurricane season, which is between June and November.

“The best chances for calmer waters are European cruises that travel through the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean cruises that depart from San Juan or Puerto Rico, outside of hurricane season.”

Cruises during hurricane season will usually be cheaper than the alternative so guests may need to pay more if they want to avoid the bad weather.

The team added: “If the information is available, take a look at the age of your ship before booking your cruise, as this might just impact how seasick you feel when it sets sail.

“Newer ships will be made with better stabilisation methods, which reduce the level of motion felt by its passengers.”

New cruise ships may offer a smoother ride for passengers so it’s worth considering the age of the ship when booking a cruise.

The team warned: “Your position in the ship will play a huge part in how severe your seasickness is. If you want to minimise it, then you are best to book a cabin in the middle of the ship on the lowest possible deck.

“This is where you will feel the waves the least. Another good idea when booking your cabin is to select one with a balcony, as this will give you quick access to fresh air if you do start to feel a bit queasy.”

Fresh air can help to alleviate the feeling of seasickness while eating certain foods at the buffet can also help lessen symptoms.

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