Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2023
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Daniel Ricciardo accuses Max Verstappen of ‘trying to rebel’ with shade thrown at ally | F1 | Sport

“As a real racer, the show shouldn’t matter. Of course I understand fans need something to do around the track, but it is more important we make them understand what we do about the sport.

“As a little kid, I grew up wanting to become a world champion. More time should be invested into the actual sport, and what we are trying to achieve.

“The sport should explain what the team has done throughout the season, and what they are working for. That’s way more important than having these random shows all over the place. I am not passionate about that. I like passion and emotion.

“I love Vegas, but not to drive a F1 car; to go out, throw everything on red, whatever. But the emotion and passion is not there compared to some old-school tracks.”

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