Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2024
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Deadpool and Wolverine cameos – ‘Marvel fans will lose minds times 10 billion’ | Films | Entertainment

Later this month the only MCU movie to release in 2024 will hit cinemas.

After the mixed bag of post-Avengers Endgame movies, Marvel fans are hopeful that Deadpool and Wolverine will be a return to form for the franchise.

Cameos aplenty are rumoured from Taylor Swift to Henry Cavill and Daniel Radcliffe.

Speaking with SFX, director Shawn Levy said: “There are going to be moments that the audiences are going to love, but I’ll also say there are moments where they are going to lose their damn minds – like that times ten billion. Which is not a number, but I’m using it for hyperbole…

“There are some moments in this movie that if you can even hear the dialogue over the laughter, we’ve failed.”

The Deadpool and Wolverine director continued: “We went through this in the edit room, when I’m telling Ryan that every time we show a certain scene you can’t hear the three lines because the audience is still laughing at the line that came before. Every time we had this very brotherly debate. Ryan usually won. He’s like, ‘Great, they’ll have to see the movie again!'”

Levy also spoke out on those cameo rumours.

Levy told Entertainment Weekly: “We didn’t want any of the cameos or characters to be the story of the movie. But they are peppered in throughout. There’s a lot of characters.

“The internet is a delight of rumours about the multitude of character cameos that are in this movie. Some rumours are true, some are way off base.”

Deadpool and Wolverine hits UK cinemas on July 25, 2024.

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