Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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Discarded gummies behind a rise in dogs poisoned by cannabis | UK | News

Discarded joints and gummies have been blamed on a spike in dogs being poisoned by cannabis.

According to figures from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS), more than 450 dogs have been treated for cannabis poisoning over the past four years – although the actual figure could be higher.

In around one in seven cases, it is thought sweets infused with cannabis – known as gummies – have been involved. These are often popular with teenagers and bought online.

Speaking to MailOnline, the RSCPA said: “Dogs can be very motivated to eat food they find on the ground.

“The dangers of a dog consuming cannabis include over-stimulation and high temperature – they may require intravenous fluids. It is vital the dog is taken to a vet immediately.”

Some doctors have now started to call for cannabis to be decriminalised, although this has led to fears the UK could become like the US, where over 6,000 dogs were poisoned by the drug in five years.

VPIS meanwhile said the UK saw 119 cases of poisoning last year, up from 82 the year before.

Service head Nicola Robinson however believes spikes are caused locally, rather than a nationwide increase. But she warned: “Not all animal poisoning cases are reported to us so these are not a completely accurate representation of numbers.”

Service head Nicola Robinson

A pet consuming cannabis can leave you with a hefty vet bill.

Maureen and Bob Wakeman spent £800 after their six-month-old puppy Charlie became incontinent and unsteady after eating cannabis found near to their West Sussex home.

The dog was rushed to an emergency vets and kept in overnight. Thankfully Charlie made a full recovery.

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