Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2024
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Drivers urged to ditch Asda petrol for Tesco fill-up this week | Personal Finance | Finance

Drivers looking for cheaper petrol are being urged to ditch Asda and switch to Tesco for bigger savings at the pumps.

The latest analysis shows petrol and diesel prices are rising again for the fourth month in a row and those who haven’t filled up in a while could be stung by a nasty surprise on the forecourt.

This week it was announced that petrol prices have gone up 3p and diesel by 2p, heaping more misery on drivers already counting the cost of increased insurance premiums and more expensive repairs.

And new figures by the RAC show that Asda is the most expensive of the four major supermarkets for a fill-up on average, while Tesco is the cheapest.

The breakdown expert’s figures peg petrol at 147.9p a litre on average at Asda, against 146.5p at Tesco.

Asda also had a much wider range between its most expensive, at 175.9p, and cheapest which was 139.7p.

Tesco’s cheapest location was actually slightly dearer than Asda, at 138.9p, while its priciest was 148.9p, a much smaller variance, and on average, Tesco is cheaper than Asda, as well as cheaper than Sainbury’s and Morrisons, in figures collated to April 30, says the RAC.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Drivers are once again having to dig deep just to go about their daily lives. Our data shows petrol and diesel have now gone up 10p a litre so far this year on the back of further increases in April of 3p and 2p respectively.

“We also badly need to bring fuel prices on the UK mainland down to match those in Northern Ireland. We can clearly see that the average cost of fuel in Northern Ireland is around 6p cheaper than the UK average, which is inexplicable. While the same disparity between petrol and diesel exists, prices are still much lower than the rest of the UK.”

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