Published On: Tue, May 23rd, 2023
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Dyson’s ‘most powerful’ vacuum cleans without you lifting a finger

‌Dyson is about to release two dust-busting devices including its most powerful robot vacuum to date. The all-new 360 Vis Nav will make sure everything looks spic and span without you lifting a finger. That’s all thanks to some new technology that gives this machine six times the suction of its rivals.

Along with sucking up more muck, it’s also pretty smart with Dyson packing its clever acoustic piezo sensors inside.

This technology counts and categorises dust particles so it can see the amount of grime being collected. This allows the 360 Vis Nav to keep cleaning in a particular area or move on to its next job.

There’s also a 360-degree vision system which helps the bot remember where it has been – Dyson says that it is even intelligent enough to create dust maps of your home. A high-level processor inside its shell collects data from 26 sensors for a range of tasks, including dust detection, obstacle avoidance and wall detection, so it cleans every corner of the home.

“Robotic vacuum cleaners should be highly effective machines that intelligently clean your home, so you don’t have to. Enabling these autonomous cleaners relies on highly complex algorithms, visual interpretation, dust sensing capabilities and powerful motor technology,” said Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer.

“Dyson engineers have taken everything we’ve learnt from developing our vacuum cleaners, combined it with intelligent software, to develop the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ – the most powerful intelligent robot vacuum cleaner.”

Along with that bot, there’s also the unveiling of Dyson’s first wet vacuum cleaner. The Submarine has been designed to polish and mop at the same time leaving hard floors looking spotless. It also delivers just the right amount of water to effectively remove spills, stains, and small debris from hard floors.

These vacuums now join the recently announced Dyson Gen5detect which gets more power and a new HEPA filtration system which has been engineered to catch 99.99% of particles including microscopic bugs.

Just like Dyson’s previous Detect machines, it also includes a neat laser in the cleaning so you can spot if you’ve missed any muck.

Prices will be announced soon but don’t expect them to be dirt cheap.

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