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easyJet and Jet2 hand luggage warning over wheelie bag rule | Travel News | Travel

Travelling with only is a fantastic way for holidaymakers to get the absolute best prices, with airlines such as and both charging for checked luggage (unless you’re travelling with one of their package holiday arms). However, while you may be up to speed on the specific size dimensions they set out for hand luggage, a small caveat to this could end up costing you if you’re not in the know. Though both airlines have slightly different hand luggage specifications, they both share one thing in common when it comes to customers travelling with wheelie bags.

When measuring your wheelie bags, travellers are warned that they must not measure the main area of the bag alone, but should also include handles and wheels.

On its website, easyJet explained: “Everyone can bring one small cabin bag per person on board for free. It can be a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including any handles and wheels) and needs to be kept under the seat in front of you. That should be enough to bring all the essentials for your journey or for a short trip.”

Similarly, on Jet2’s website, the Leeds-based carrier states: “You may carry on board one piece of hand luggage free of charge, as long as it weighs no more than 10kg and is no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including any wheels and handles. If your hand luggage weighs more or is larger than this, it will need to be checked into the aircraft hold, and you may have to pay an additional charge.”

Customers who forget to include the handles and wheels when measuring the overall size of their bag could end up faced with extra charges to check their bag into the hold. In the case of easyJet, this can be as much as £48 when purchasing at the airport, and for Jet2, at the airport this could set customers back up to £45.

The easiest way to avoid any unexpected fees at the airport is by ensuring you understand the luggage allowance associated with your ticket and measure your bag – including any handles or wheels – before you set off.

Jet2 is known for having a fairly lenient hand luggage allowance, but it’s still important for passengers to understand what they can take with them.

While passengers with flight-only bookings will likely have to pay extra to take a checked suitcase, those travelling on a Jet2holidays package holiday or a Jet2CityBreaks package deal will likely have hold luggage included in the price.

When booking your holiday be sure to double-check how much luggage is included per passenger.

All Jet2 passengers are entitled to one piece of hand luggage free of charge, however, luggage:

  • Must weigh no more than 10kg
  • Must measure no more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including any wheels and handles

Any baggage heavier or larger than this may need to be checked into the aircraft hold for an additional charge. Passengers can also bring one personal item onboard for free, such as a laptop bag or a handbag.

All hand luggage is carried in the cabin at the discretion of Jet2. In some cases, particularly on full flights, cabin space may need to be freed up by placing some cabin bags into the hold. If this is the case, it will be done at no extra charge to the passenger.

According to Jet2: “Subject to availability, you can pre-book Guaranteed Cabin Luggage for an extra charge, and if you have purchased this service, you will not be asked to put your hand baggage in the hold – unless it exceeds the weight and size requirements detailed above or operational requirements apply.”

All easyJet passengers can bring one small cabin bag per person without any additional fee unless you are travelling on an easyJet package holiday, in which case you may have more luggage included in your allowance. However, there are size and weight restrictions which must be adhered to in order to avoid shelling out at the airport.

Hand luggage can measure a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including any handles or wheels)

Hand luggage must be able to fit under the seat infront of you

Hand luggage can weigh up to 15kg, but passengers must be able to lift it themselves

Some passengers can bring a large cabin bag on board measuring 56 x 45 x 25 cm (including any handles or wheels) if they:

  • Booked a large cabin bag for their flight
  • Are an easyJet Plus cardholder
  • Booked a FLEXI fare

Regardless of your ticket or additional luggage purchases, the maximum number of cabin bags each customer is allowed is two.

You can add an extra bag to your booking by visiting the Manage Bookings section of the easyJet website.

Passengers are urged to check the size of their carry-on luggage before arriving at the airport, with easyJet’s website stating: “We check cabin bag sizes before you board.

“If your cabin bag is bigger than the maximum size allowed or if you bring a large cabin bag to the departure gate without the correct seat selection or without one pre-booked for your flight, it won’t be able to go in the cabin. We’ll have to check it into the aircraft hold and charges will apply.”

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