Published On: Mon, Jul 8th, 2024
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England fans given Euro 2024 warning over £12.6k tickets | World | News

England fans have been urged not to buy tickets to the Euro 2024 final on the secondary market as resellers are believed to be cashing in on the football frenzy. Tickets for the finals have reached eye-watering sums on a number of unofficial websites, as the European tournament is nearing its end.

The resale site includes a seller offering category 1 tickets for £12,675 each. A number of other users of this website have on sale hospitality skybox tickets for a whopping £30,000 each.

The cheapest tickets available for the EURO 2024 final on on the evening of July 8 were category 2 seats at £1,500 each – which the website warned could potentially have limited or restricted views. The cheapest category 1 seat came at £2,070.

The official price of the tickets for the final ranges between £80 and £844 (€95 and €1000), according to the UEFA website.

Seemingly aware of resellers trying to cash in on eager football fans, UEFA said: “We urge fans not to purchase tickets on the secondary market.”

The Football Association will get just 10,000 official tickets for the final match if England wins the semi-final on Wednesday against the Netherlands.

England’s victory at the penalties against Switzerland on Saturday prompted thousands of English fans to dash out to Dortmund to support their team.

Tickets for the semi-final cost as little as £72 for members of the FA’s travel club.

Supporters desperate to soak up the atmosphere booked flights to Germany as early as on Saturday evening, with many others choosing to tackle a 350-mile trip by campervan.

An estimated 40,000 England fans are already in Germany – and as many may join them by mid-week to cheer on the Three Lions, according to tournament veteran Mark Knapper.

The 65-year-old, who has attended almost every England game for 25 years, said: “Up to 40,000 England fans will rush out for the semi. It will be our biggest last-minute rush to a tournament. Dortmund is easy to get to and the atmosphere is amazing.”

Simon Harris, who helped manage the London England Fans Supporters Club, said: “Why wouldn’t you go? Russia and Qatar were expensive, and Covid ruined Euro 2020.”

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