Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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Europe heatwave: Exact date 47C heat blast hit Spain as weather maps turn volcanic red | World | News

Spain is likely to be blasted by a 47C heat bomb as the latest weather maps have turned violent red – indicating the possibility of extremely hot weather conditions.

Europe has been facing abnormally high temperatures this year with several popular holiday destinations issuing warnings for tourists amid the ongoing heatwave.

Authorities from Italy to Romania have issued warnings for people to exercise caution, drive safely if travelling for holidays, stay hydrated, and avoid venturing out during the peak heat hours of the day.

The latest maps from WXCharts have turned dark red for July 18 and 19 as many areas in Spain bake at 47C.

In Spain, areas such as Seville and Badajoz are likely to experience extreme temperatures as mercury levels rise above 45C.

The high temperatures have forced the Spanish authorities to activate a yellow alert.

According to the reports, AEMET will activate a yellow warning for high temperatures on Wednesday from 1pm in the provinces of Granada, Jaén, Córdoba, Seville and Cádiz. The warning will be in effect until 9pm on Wednesday.

MeteoAlarm has issued a warning for people to “be aware” as temperatures could lead to “moderate” damages to people and properties, especially those vulnerable or in exposed areas.

The Foreign Office has also provided advice for travellers, suggesting they keep up to date with AEMET and European Meteorological Services on severe weather warnings.

They also recommended resources including the NHS guidance on coping with hot weather and recommendations from the Spanish Ministry of Health (available in Spanish).

British Red Cross has also warned people who plan to visit scorching resorts to follow some key guidelines to stay safe.

The British Red Cross has since issued warnings and advice to travellers set to visit heat-battered countries. “Extreme heat can be deadly.” it says. “Studies have reported that 61,000 people died because of Europe’s record-breaking heatwave in 2023.

“And with the effects of climate change, it’s likely heatwaves will become more frequent and intense.”

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