Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2024
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Eurostar travellers can get over £200 compensation for cancelled train | Travel News | Travel

A travel expert has shared what tourists should do if their train on the is , stating that it is possible to get a full refund or .

Sophie Nadeau runs the blog Solo Sophie, in which she recommends the when and shares from .

In a recent post, Sophie notes that a number of factors are causing more delays on the Eurostar, with some trains being cancelled entirely.

She explained: “Unfortunately, as of 2024, I have definitely noticed an uptick in the number of delays and cancellations of the Eurostar post-Brexit, Covid and a myriad of other factors.

“When there are delays and cancellations, I have also noticed that you can be left for hours without any information which is why I’ve written this post.”

In most cases, tourists will be notified if their Eurostar train has been cancelled via a text message, which will state the reason why it cannot run.

If this happens, Sophie noted that tourists are able to get a full refund for their ticket by pressing the link in the text message.

However, the expert warned that travellers that need to get to their destination quickly would likely have to pay more for an alternative method of transport.

Sophie added that tourists that are in a position to wait for the next train, often on the following day, can also get some money to cover expenses such as accommodation.

She continued: “This [the next train] is usually the next day, but during really busy holiday periods it can be several days in the future. During your delay you might be able to claim for accommodation and food costs.

“You cannot reclaim the cost of your ticket or delay compensation if your previous train was delayed and you change your ticket for the next available one.”

Passengers can claim up to 170 euros (£150) for accommodation per night and a total of 60 euros (£50) for food each day.

Eurostar will also cover the cost of anyone waiting for tourists on the other side of the channel, along with transportation.

However, Sophie warned that those who are unable to find a hotel for the night should head to a fast-food restaurant, which will typically be open all night and keep visitors safe from thieves.

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