Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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Event tourism tip can help holidaymakers be responsible to locals | Travel News | Travel

The holiday booking company TravelLocal has offered a number of tips that can help tourists avoid issues on an event holiday.

Spurred on by the upcoming Paris Olympics and the UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany, event holidays are a growing trend that see travellers visit a destination to witness an occasion.

However, Huw Owen, co-founder of TravelLocal, noted that destinations hosting events will be significantly more crowded than at other times of the year.

He explained: “Large events are always going to stir excitement and pull in the crowds and usually these events take place in major cities.

“I would always advise against travelling during peak season or visiting tourist hotspots during busy periods – however it would be naive to assume that people aren’t going to travel to experience their favourite event.”

To help get the best experience from an event holiday, TravelLocal has urged tourists to never let the occasion itself get in the way of the local culture.

Before setting off, the company recommended taking the time to research the destination for other nearby attractions in which they could learn about the history of the area and the typical way of life.

They can also respect local residents by looking after the destination’s environment by disposing of waste responsibly and, where possible, utilising reusable items.

Huw also recommended that tourists should try to avoid international brands in favour of local shops and cafes, which can help them find unique souvenirs whilst supporting independent businesses.

He advised: “Supporting local communities can come in many forms; from purchasing souvenirs from local markets and independent shops, to dining at locally owned restaurants, bars and cafes.

“There is no better way to appreciate a destination’s true culture, and I would always encourage travellers to choose local businesses over international chains.”

Finally, Huw suggested that tourists who want to leave the least impact on the environment should consider staying at an eco-friendly form of accommodation.

He added: “There are accommodations that prioritise sustainable initiatives, such as eco-lodges, green hotels or resorts with eco-certifications.

“Many of these establishments utilise renewable energy sources, implement water conservation measures and support local communities through responsible tourism practices. They also provide an experience that you often can’t find anywhere else.”

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