Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2024
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Expert reveals the simple one-minute exercise to get rid of your double chin

For some people, having a double chin is a massive insecurity. Although it is natural to have an excess of fat under the lower jaw many would prefer to be without it.

It can be caused by many factors aside from weight, from genetics to age and posture.

Brits are particularly embarrassed by the feature. A survey from 2017 found that the double chin is among the top three facial problems British women feel they have – and the top four for men.

On top of this, 31 percent of men with a double chin said they would grow a beard to hide it.

But what can be done to tackle the problem of a double chin directly?

Losing weight through diet and exercise is one such method.

And some clinics can also offer fat reducing procedures, however, these can be expensive and might come with risks.

This aside, a beauty expert revealed a simple way which she claims will banish a double chin at home.

Speaking on YouTube, Danielle Collins – who claims to be a world-leading face yoga expert – shared a quick method you can do daily to reduce chin flab.

This technique involves using the backs of your fingers to tap quickly under the chin while you rotate your head.

She explained: “You’re going to take the top to the fingers and you’re going to tap under your chin.”

While doing so it is important to keep your chin in line with the floor, she said.

“Now, think about your chin being parallel to the floor, if you can here,” she said.

“So, remember posture is such an important part of face yoga as well.”

She warned against hunching or pushing your chin in for this reason.

Danielle added: “So, when we have that forward posture and we’re screwing as they’re in, we’re creating lines in this area.

“We get a fluid accumulation underneath the chin as well, which can show up often as a double chin or sagging jowl area.”

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