Published On: Wed, Jul 10th, 2024
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Expert says flight trend causes constipation and even death

Latest social media craze the”raw dogging” flight challenge is a trend that’s raising eyebrows in the travel sector. This peculiar fad, which some claim showcases masculinity, involves passengers enduring long-haul flights without engaging with screens, or consuming food and drinks, all while remaining silent – a practice that has health experts worried.

Toby King, a nutritionist, expressed his concerns to travel website Inspire Ambitions about the potential health risks associated with this trend. He cautioned that “raw dogging” flights could result in serious health issues such as constipation, fatigue, and even blood clots, not to mention an increased vulnerability to germs.

While it’s generally advised to remain seated and buckled up during flights, this new trend pushes the boundaries of safety, according to professionals in the field. Toby explained: “The trend requires you to sit still for hours at a time and not take in any food or liquids. This is a recipe for disaster, that could have terrifying consequences.”

He further highlighted the dangers of dehydration, especially in the already dry environment of airplane cabins. Toby warned: “Plane cabins have low humidity levels to start with and can cause you to become dehydrated throughout your journey. If you aren’t drinking any water when flying you are adding fuel to the fire.”

Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining the body’s defenses against bacterial infections, particularly in the close quarters of an aircraft filled with passengers. Toby pointed out: “Keeping hydrated can help your skin and mucous membrane cells to keep bacteria from entering your body, and makes you more susceptible to infection, especially when you are surrounded by hundreds of others in a confined area. Getting sick at the beginning of your holiday isn’t a great way to start it.”, reports Wales Online.

However, these concerns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of this trend.

Toby, a health expert, has issued a stark warning about a new TikTok trend that could be putting travellers at risk of deadly blood clots. He explained: “Immobility and dehydration can increase the risk of a blood clot when travelling, two factors that this trend is promoting. If you do get a clot when travelling it can break off and cause a blockage of the arteries in the lung which is very serious and can cause death.”

He further cautioned: “This is one of the most dangerous trends I have seen on social media in a while, and while it looks innocent and a bit of fun on the surface, this could have deadly consequences and I would urge people to use sense when travelling.”

For those looking to stay safe during flights, Toby advises: “To minimise your chance of clots when flying, you should move around ideally every hour or at least for 5 minutes every two hours. You should also drink at least one glass of water for every hour you are in the air.”

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