Published On: Wed, May 8th, 2024
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Flight expert shares how to access ‘secret menu’ that offers free drinks | Travel News | Travel

A well-known travel personality has taken to YouTube to share a useful tip that can help tourists choose from a wider variety of free drinks the next time they fly.

Megan runs the YouTube channel Portable Professional and regularly creates videos that showcase tips that can help holidaymakers make the most of their time flying.

In a recent video, Megan explains how tourists can access a lesser-known menu, which offers plenty of drinks that are not often found on the typical drinks trolley.

She advised: “On many flights, beyond what you see available to you on the beverage cart, there is often a secret menu of free drinks that you can choose from.

“Take a peek at the menu that’s found in the magazine tucked into the seatback pocket, or browse a digital version of the menu on the entertainment system. You might be surprised to find options like flavoured sparkling water, a wider selection of juice and sodas and even specific spirits for a mixed drink.”

In addition, the YouTuber reminded tourists who do not drink products with caffeine in them that they can often order a decaffeinated coffee or hot chocolate on request.

Whilst airlines are most likely to serve instant coffee, and ordering drinks will typically take longer than asking for one from the trolley, they can allow tourists to get a wider range of beverages during their time in the air.

Megan also noted that, since these drinks are not served from the canisters on the drinks trolley, they are often served much hotter than normal.

Later in the video, Megan also suggested that tourists should not be afraid to ask a flight attendant for hot water, stating it can be particularly useful if they bring along instant soups or porridges.

She continued: “Passengers can also get free hot water at any time during the flight, and this can be game-changing if you come prepared. Despite some debate about the cleanliness of aeroplane hot water tanks, it’s generally considered safe and I will personally drink hot water on a plane.

“What I love to do is bring along a wide-mouth thermos and then have it filled with hot water to open a tonne of options, from caffeine-free peppermint tea to instant oatmeal and even soup.”

Finally, Megan advised tourists not to feel awkward about asking for additional snacks, stating that being polite is typically enough to get as much as they would like.

She added: “If a snack is offered on your flight, it’s good to know that it is easy to snag an extra one and there are a few non-awkward ways to go about getting it.

“When the snack cart is making its rounds and you’re stuck choosing between cookies and pretzels, why not have both? Politely saying ‘I’d love both, please’ is often all it takes.”

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