Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2024
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Flight expert warns passengers planes ‘aren’t as clean’ as many think | Travel News | Travel

A popular travel personality has warned tourists to be cautious on their next flight, stating that they are not always clean.

Mitch Glass runs the YouTube channel Project Unearthed and regularly posts videos offering flight advice based on his previous experiences that can help tourists stay comfortable and save money.

In a popular video, Mitch suggests that most passenger airlines do not have enough time during the turnover period to properly clean their planes.

He advised: “Planes aren’t as clean as airlines would have you think. Many airlines boast about their advanced cleaning features, especially in recent years, but the truth is cabins really aren’t as clean as you would hope.

“The turnaround time between flights can be really short and there’s only so much that cleaning crew can do during that time.”

The YouTuber noted that the average turnaround time for large aeroplanes is between 90 and 120 minutes, whilst smaller planes often set off just 25 to 40 minutes before they land.

In addition, he highlighted that budget companies will often have flight attendants clean the plane, rather than employ a set of dedicated cleaners.

As a result, it is incredibly difficult for cabin crew to effectively clean the whole plane, including items passengers typically touch, such as tray tables.

To avoid catching any illnesses from their time in the air, Mitch recommended that passengers bring wipes

He added: “Even if you’re not a germaphobe, it’s not a bad idea to bring anti-bacterial wipes. Also, even if you’re on a full-service airline with a full cleaning crew, there is only so much they can do mid-flight if something happens.

“It sounds disgusting but it’s another reason why you should wear shoes when you’re walking around on a plane.”

Finally, Mitch also warned tourists against using the blankets, stating that some flight attendants have said they may not be completely clean.

He continued: “Multiple flight attendants from around the web have confirmed that clean blankets and pillows on aeroplanes are usually only for the first flight of the day. After that, they get folded and crammed into those plastic bags.

“This may not be true for every airline but it’s enough to make me think twice. I usually pack my own neck pillow and a microfiber towel that doubles as a blanket if I need it.”

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