Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024
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Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes, release date, downtime, Vehicle Building, Drax, Kratos | Gaming | Entertainment

Fortnite is getting a big new update this week, as Epic Games brings version 29.10 to PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android. Fortnite update 29.10 has been given a March 26 release date and an 8am GMT launch time. However, while the update will be available to download at 8am UK time, you’ll have to wait for server downtime to come to an end before checking out all the new features, fixes and gameplay tweaks. Considering the size of the update, fans should expect the game to remain offline until around 11am GMT. It’s a particularly significant update for LEGO Fortnite, which will benefit from the addition of vehicle building. Indeed, the update is being dubbed Mechanical Mayhem for that very reason. LEGO Fortnite fans will be able to build three different vehicle types for the sake of exploration.

This includes the Speeder, which is described as the ideal vehicle for “zipping from biome to biome”. In order to unlock the recipe for the Speeder, players must add the newly released Power Cell to their inventory.

Elsewhere, the Offroader will give players the ability to ferry multiple passengers across the map. The Offroader recipe is available once Flexwood is added to your inventory.

Finally, the Hauler can be used to transport heavy objects, but only after you add Frostpine to your inventory.

Elsewhere, update 29.10 will reportedly add Guardians of the Galaxy character Drax to the game’s roster, while God of War protagonist Kratos is also said to be returning to the item shop after a long absence.

Fans can also expect another Fortnite x NIKE crossover, as well as the ability to unlock the Korra Battle Pass skin, complete with a selection of new quests.

According to Fortnite insider Hypex, Midas’ Mythic Drum Gun should be available, alongside the Golden Banana item.

You can check out Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes below.

Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes…


• Shuffle Loadout option missing

– We’re aware that the Shuffle Loadout option is currently unavailable in the new Locker UI for players to switch up their look every match.

• Players may be unable to start a God Challenge.

– We’re aware that players may sometimes not be able to start a God Challenge, and the team is actively working on a fix.

LEGO Fortnite update 29.10 patch notes…


• New smart transfer feature: transfer all similar items to and from storage.

• It’s easier to visually tell when your constructs take damage.

 – With the new vehicle building features, we had to adjust some durability values.

 – We recommend using higher-rarity resources to strengthen your constructs if any part breaks.

• Items can be dropped one at a time when a stack is picked up.

• Pools of fish can be found near new (but somehow already run-down) docks that are alongside lakes and rivers.

• Made improvements to constructs so they remain stable when entering and exiting caves.

• Made stabilization fixes for constructs traveling large distances across the world.


• The Stormy Emote will be updated to its full, intended animation in LEGO Fortnite.

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