Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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General Election poll: Have you decided who you’re voting? | Politics | News

There is only more sleep to the big day as Brits will be taking to the polls tomorrow (July 4) to cast their vote in the General Election to decide on who should be their MP – and which party will lead the next Government. But have you decided who you are voting for?

The polls currently show Keir Starmer’s Labour Party in the lead, with a large majority expected, while Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives are expected to tumble, with growth from both the Lib Dems and Reform UK. However, there are bound to be a few twists and turns in some swing seats up and down the UK as there always are.

The MRP poll of more than 30,000 people predicts the Tories will be left with just 64 MPs.

Meanwhile, the poll found Sir Keir Starmer‘s Labour Party will win an unprecedented landslide of 484 constituencies.

In the marathon final leg of the party’s tours Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will end his campaign trail in the South East.

While Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer will speak to voters in England, Scotland and Wales.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey will hit the road again to round off his stunt-packed campaign with a tour of southern England.

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage will take another trip to the Essex seaside constituency which he is contesting with an event on Clacton Pier.

But which party has done enough to win your vote? Have your say below:

If you can’t see the poll above, click here.

Polling stations will open bright and early and close late, to give as many people the chance to vote as possible. Doors open at 7am and will remain open all day until 10pm. This applies to all polling stations up and down the country.

Those getting ready to vote tomorrow are being urged to remember their photo ID – this is a new and somewhat controversial law – and it’s the first General Election when the new rules will be in force.

Acceptable ID includes a passport or driving licence, so make sure you take one of them along to your polling station, or one of the other forms of ID you can take.

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