Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2023
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‘Get out my cab!’ – London cab driver kicks out passenger over ‘Jewish machine’ rant | UK | News

A London cabbie has been given ‘huge respect’ from the internet after a video showed him booting a passenger out of his taxi after she ranted about a “jewish machine” during a rambling pro-Palestine speech.

The unidentified black cab driver had his dashcam on as the lady in the rear began to share her unhinged thoughts on the conflict in the Middle East.

As most cab drivers do, the man listened politely to the passenger’s musings until what she was saying began to take on a darker turn as she said “the Jewish machine is so strong”.

On the audio the woman can be heard saying: “The Jewish machine is so strong, it doesn’t allow you to talk. But again, there are so many examples of me showing you the brutalisation of Palestinian…”

At this point the no-nonsense cab driver has heard enough and informs the passenger she needs to “get the f*** out of my cab… out, out.”

Calling out the woman’s anti-semitic words, he says: “Jewish machine doesn’t allow you to talk, anti-semites out”.

In the background the lady can then be heard accusing the brave taxi driver of being “an example of ‘it'” as she is apparently affronted at being told to stop her hate-filled rant.

Hearing the woman say this, the taxi driver says “good” and asks her again “to get out” before informing her once more she is an anti-semite, meaning someone who is hostile or prejudiced against Jewish people.

After the video was shared on X, formerly Twitter, by an account called Martin the Cabbie it has been viewed more than 270,000 times.

One person commenting on the exchange proclaimed “…you are my hero”, while another added “well done that cabbie”.

Someone else who had seen the encounter also supported the cabbie, posting: “And that’s how it’s done folks… Refuse to participate in the narrative”.

Home Office figures show around around one in four, 23 percent, of religious hate crimes recorded in England and Wales in 2021/22 were against Jewish people.

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