Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2023
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Good news for Brit homeowners as major EU countries join forces to end post-Brexit ‘rule’ | World | News

In a promising turn of events for British homeowners with second properties in Europe, major EU countries are coming together to challenge post-Brexit regulations that have impacted the ability of Britons to enjoy extended stays in their European residences.

The Spanish Government, in tandem with legislators in France, is leading the charge to relax the stringent rules that have been a cause for concern among British property owners.

Spain‘s Tourism Minister, Héctor Gómez, has voiced the concerns of the Spanish government, emphasising the adverse effects of the current regulations on Spain’s economy.

He said: “Unfortunately, the rule is not something Spain has established by itself or can get rid of.

“It is in our interests to lobby and convince the EU that we can try to work an exception with them.”

Spain’s reliance on British tourists is evident, with data from Spain’s National Institute of Statistics revealing that Britons make up a substantial 23.8 percent of the annual total visitors to the Iberian Peninsula.

One of the primary issues faced by British homeowners in Europe is the Schengen Area’s restrictive policies. Non-EU citizens, including those from the UK, are currently allowed a maximum stay of 90 out of every 180 days within the Schengen Area.

For those wishing to stay longer, the cumbersome process of applying for a long-stay visa, permitting entry for up to six months, has become a deterrent for many British property owners.

In a bid to address these concerns, the UK’s director of consular affairs at the Foreign Office, Jennifer Anderson, held discussions with Spain’s Tourism Minister, Héctor Gómez.

The talks focused on finding common ground and potential solutions to ease the restrictions imposed on British tourists and homeowners.

Collaborative projects for future seasons were also on the agenda, signalling a commitment to fostering positive relations and addressing the challenges faced by both parties.

Joining Spain in the effort to alleviate the burdens on British property owners, the French Senate is set to debate an amendment to an immigration bill later this month.

The proposed amendment aims to grant automatic long-stay visa rights to British owners of second homes in France. This move signifies a broader initiative within the EU to reconsider and modify regulations that have been a source of contention since the implementation of Brexit-related changes.

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