Published On: Sat, Jul 6th, 2024
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Gorgeous island offering free holidays – but there’s a catch | Travel News | Travel

From walking wombats to becoming a ‘wine whisperer’, Tasmania Tourism is offering Australians the chance to have their holiday paid for if they commit to one of 10 ‘odd jobs

In a quirky new campaign, Tasmania is luring holidaymakers with the promise of a free trip if they sign up for one of 10 ‘odd jobs’.

The initiative, which runs from June 17 to July 8, is currently open only to Australian residents.

Those lucky enough to land one of these ‘Odd Jobs’ will not only have their travel costs covered but will also be rewarded with a selection of premium Tasmanian products, courtesy of their hosts.

Vanessa Pinto, the acting CEO of Tourism Tasmania, has highlighted that the winter season in Tasmania is an ideal time for visitors to break away from daily stress and indulge in extraordinary experiences.

Ms Pinto emphasised the light-hearted nature of these volunteer opportunities, designed to address the work-life imbalance and burnout many Australians experience.

She said: “These Odd Job volunteering experiences are fun, light-hearted opportunities that respond to issues of work-life balance and burnout that many Australians are feeling.”

Ms Pinto also pointed out that this tongue-in-cheek approach is typical of Tasmania’s marketing efforts, proving successful in sparking discussions about the need for a winter getaway.

She added” “The tongue-in-cheek initiative is exactly what Tasmania has become known for in campaigns, and we know it is effective because it creates conversations about the importance of taking a break this winter and building awareness that Tasmania’s Off Season is the perfect space to do that.”

Tourism Tasmania has teamed up with 10 local tourism operators to offer a series of ‘Odd Jobs’ that provide a unique insight into some of the island’s most unusual workplaces.

The 10 ‘Odd Jobs’ include:

Cave Conductor.

Based in the Gunns Plains Caves, cave conductors will work alongside local musician, Charlie, providing musical interludes for tour groups.

Oyster Organiser.

At Freycinet Marine Farm, oyster organisers will don waders and immerse themselves in the waters of Great Oyster Bay, gathering, sorting, and cleaning shellfish.

Paranormal Investigator.

For the more courageous, there’s the chance to become a paranormal investigator at Willow Court, Australia’s oldest continually run asylum. Equipped with the latest detection equipment, you’ll be tasked with identifying and investigating signs of paranormal activity.

Puffer Nut.

At the West Coast Wilderness Railway, puffer nuts will join the Locomotive Crew on the Lynchford Express, accompanying the Fireman and Driver through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness.

Sauna Stoker.

For those who love the heat, the Little Beach Co. is looking for someone to tend their wood-fired sauna and keep the fire burning.

The sauna stoker will need to maintain a comfortable temperature to offer guests a warm respite from the chilly winter weather.


For those with a creative flair, Little Things Farm is on the hunt for a soaksmith. The role involves creating bath salts that encapsulate the spirit of off-season.

Star Seeker.

Perfect for night owls, Rathmore House needs star seekers to assist with celestial observations, telescope adjustments and astro-imaging.

Truffle Snuffler.

Truffles are rare and hard to find, hence the need for a patient and determined truffle snuffler with sharp senses at Little Things Farm.

Wine Whisperer.

Clover Hill Wines is seeking an intuitive gardener to prune the vines for future harvests. A significant perk of the job is tasting Clover Hill’s entire range to fully comprehend the relationship between these sparkling wines and their climates.

Wombat Walker.

East Coast Natureworld is looking for a wombat walker to help ensure the physical and mental health of its resident wombats.

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