Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024
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Gran, 63, expecting baby with man, 26 | World | News

A 63-year-old woman and her boyfriend who is 37 years younger have announced they are expecting a baby. The couple shared their news on TikTok, with girlfriend Cheryl explaining their surrogate was pregnant and holding a positive pregnancy test up to the camera.

The grandmother of 17 and her partner, Quran, 26, said they had listened to the baby’s heartbeat and shared photos from the surrogate’s scan for everyone to see.

A mum of seven from a previous relationship already, Cheryl and Quran cheered at the happy news, saying “Oh baby!”.

Quran said: “I can’t wait. We finally get to start our little family. I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a father. We got a family, finally.”

The couple also shared a clip of the baby’s heartbeat, telling TikTok they felt “so excited” at the news.

TikTok users congratulated the pair, but also asked how it was possible, questioning whether Cheryl was too old to have a baby.

User Deli said: “Congrats my love! It’s never too late to be a mother!” Fellow TikTok user Brittany swihart wrote: “Congratulations. So happy for y’all and don’t listen to the haters. They are just jealous.”

A third TikTok user, Jessie, said: “Amazing! Age is just a number! Don’t let people take your hopes and dreams away. You both will be fantastic parents.”

And Haja Khadijah Love commented: “Huge congratulations to you both. Do whatever makes you happy.”

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