Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2024
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‘Hidden’ Italian paradise for ‘authentic’ experience | Travel News | Travel

Brits are absolutely enamoured with Italy, from the ancient allure of Rome’s Colosseum to the romantic canals of Venice. Yet, many yearn for a getaway without the crowds.

A travel guru just let slip on an ‘undiscovered’ Italian haven that promises an unspoilt experience. Remarkably, this serene spot is a mere stone’s throw from Pisa, nestled along the celebrated Riviera coastline.

Despite its charm, Portofino, the chic neighbour to the south, usually garners most of the attention, as noted by Celebrity Cruises.

Taking to TikTok, the globetrotter dubbed as ‘Declan C’ explained: “If you’re travelling to Italy this summer or dreaming of a summer in Italy, you can’t miss this… it’s an absolute beauty, a hidden gem and a must-see.

“This is Santa Margherita it’s in the northern part of Italy… it’s super close to Cinque Terre [and] Portofino. You can actually walk to Portofino from here.”

Santa Margherita isn’t just about picturesque beaches; it’s also rich in cultural offerings like the Chiesa Di San Giacomo Di Corte. For those seeking adventure, there’s a plethora of activities such as kayaking excursions, boat tours, and even cooking classes.

The Liguria region is renowned for its culinary delights, especially its mouth-watering focaccia and the authentic ‘pesto genovese’, which is made with non-vegetarian cheeses like parmesan to enhance its taste.

Mesmerised, Declan C went on: “It’s so beautiful, there is tonnes to do. Amazing beach clubs, restaurants, views like this and a really great way to have an affordable yet authentic experience in Italy.”

Overall, it’s believed that summer is the best time to visit Santa Margherita which is currently bathing in a toasty 25°C heat that’s expected to rise next week, according to BBC forecasts. Experts at Celebrity Cruises also added: “With its supreme seaside location and 300 days of sunshine, Santa Margherita’s colours burn brightest in the summertime.

“The town itself is probably most like its neighbour Camogli – a more low-key gem of the Riviera, a place where people actually live rather than simply a picturesque arrangement of high-end vacation homes.”

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