Published On: Wed, May 24th, 2023
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Holiday expert explains how to get a ‘free hotel upgrade’ with one ‘simple’ request | Travel News | Travel

Although holidays have soared in price this year, there are still a few tips British tourists can use to save some money on a trip.

Chelsea Dickenson, a budget travel pro and guest holiday expert at Travel Supermarket, has shared her top tips.

The travel pro said she wants Britons to be more proactive this summer and urged people to ask for a free hotel upgrade.

Chelsea said: “A simple email asking to be considered for an upgrade can go a long way, keep your email as honest and authentic as possible.

“Hotel staff will get these sorts of requests all the time and will often see through fake engagements! I think the key is to be polite, complimentary, and not in any way demanding.”

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Hotel staff may upgrade guests if the accommodation isn’t full and they can see a way to improve the customer’s experience.

Staff will only upgrade the most polite customers but it could be worth mentioning if there’s a special occasion.

Guests on their honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary or birthday are more likely to be chosen for the elusive free upgrade.

If a hotel upgrade doesn’t work out, guests could opt for a different type of accommodation altogether.

Chelsea recommends British holidaymakers check house sitting and house swap websites to look for a cheaper deal. Although websites often have a small registration fee, this should be the only additional cost for tourists.

Britons can also start to save before they’ve even set foot on holiday, with one of Chelsea’s airport hacks.

With more Britons than ever travelling hand luggage only, Chelsea shared a few tips to fit more in a small bag.

She said: “Holidaymakers can maximise every inch of storage space available to them using hacks like de-stuffing and refilling neck pillows, wearing multi-pocket fishing vests and even stuffing bras to get the most out of their packing space.”

Tourists could try to fit more items inside a neck pillow, although airlines may stop them if they notice this trick.

If travellers make a purchase at duty free, they could use the free carrier bag to take more items on the plane.

A duty free carrier doesn’t count as extra hand luggage and could be the perfect place to put some excess items.

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