Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2024
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How to eat for cheap on flight using woman’s hack | Travel News | Travel

If you’re someone who gets hungry quickly, or flying over lunchtime, the likelihood is that you’ll want something to eat when you’re on your plane.

The problem is, a simple sandwich can set you back a decent amount of money, let alone a hot meal, and sometimes a meal deal from your favourite retailer just doesn’t cut it as you fancy something hot. 

But one woman has shown if you don’t want to splurge on a tikka masala or a roast dinner on your flight, there is another way to get the hot meal you desire, without forking out an eye-watering amount of money.

User @helloostella shared her “best airplane hack”, and while some complained about the smell, it could be argued any plane food could smell bad to certain people – not just one you brought on yourself.

Over the top of her video, she penned: “Plane food hack! Bring your own ramen/noodz and ask for hot water!”

In the video, Stella can be seen with a Vietnamese Pho cup, waiting for the cabin crew to give her some hot water.

They’d not given her enough, so she had to wait for some more, but after the second cup had been given, she was able to add the seasoning packets to the mixture. 

She then mixed the noodles together as you would if you were eating them at home.

“I’m so happy I’m eating pho on the plane”, the voiceover said, as she joked: “So good, but missing hot sauce.”

Some people had their doubts about whether this was the right thing to do on a plane though.

“Wasn’t the smell disturbing the rest?” someone asked. “Honestly, it didn’t smell and I was done within 5 minutes lol.”

Someone else said they were “doing this” on a flight they were going on in two days.

One person fumed: “Thank goodness for headphones and window seats, the way my skin would just peel off if I had to listen to the person next to me slurping their food.”

“Hot water on a plane, nope,” someone said as they were worried about the hygiene of it.

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