Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2024
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How to get the cheapest flights: Pilot shares the best day to book | Travel News | Travel

Taking off to far-flung destinations can be a costly affair, but with some insider knowledge from a seasoned travel expert, more affordable airfares could soon be within your reach.

For the budget-conscious globetrotters who prefer their flights to cost less than an airport lunch, selecting the right day to fly can significantly impact the price tag on your ticket.

By strategically choosing your departure date and destination, you could find yourself basking in a foreign locale for less in 2024.

Top travel tour operator Ski Vertigo had a chat with a pilot who disclosed that Sunday evening is one of the prime times to secure flights for substantial savings, demonstrating that snagging a bargain is a fantastic way to kickstart the week.

The pilot further highlighted five reasons why booking a flight departing on a Sunday could result in significant savings for UK travellers.

1. Fewer business travellers

Business travellers usually take to the skies on weekdays, particularly on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons, to align with their hectic schedules. By Sunday evening, most have already finalised their plans for the upcoming week, leading to a drop in demand and consequently, prices, reports the Mirror.

This trend is observed worldwide, so if you’re aiming to land a great deal on flights, Sunday evenings are your golden opportunity.

2. Weekend price adjustments

Airlines often revise their fares over the weekend, reacting to the previous week’s booking patterns. By Sunday evening, they’re keen to adjust prices to fill any remaining seats for the forthcoming week.

This results in lower fares as airlines strive to ensure maximum flight occupancy. For UK travellers, this can translate into fantastic bargains when these adjustments are made.

3. Last-minute deals

To prevent vacant seats, airlines tend to offer last-minute deals over the weekend. By Sunday evening, they might release these discounted fares to ensure that as many seats as possible are occupied before the onset of the new week.

This can be particularly beneficial for travellers who book flights at this time, as airlines aim to stimulate sales with enticing pricing.

4. Optimal booking window

It is well-known that booking flights several weeks in advance yields better prices, and this rule applies globally. For UK travellers, booking flights on a Sunday evening within the optimal booking window of 30-45 days prior to departure can result in substantial savings.

This timeframe allows travellers to capitalise on the best available fares before prices begin to escalate as the departure date nears.

5. Less competition from fellow travellers

Travellers looking to snag a bargain on their next flight might want to consider booking on a Sunday evening, when the rush of early weekend and weekday bookings has died down. With less competition for seats, airlines are more likely to drop prices to attract the remaining travellers.

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