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How to holiday in the Maldives for less than £50 a day | Beach Holidays | Travel

A clever woman has revealed how she managed to indulge in a luxury holiday without breaking the bank, thanks to a few simple tricks.

We’ve all seen those stunning images of crystal-clear seas and serene sandy beaches when people fly off to the Maldives. The idyllic location, which is Asia’s smallest country, is a 10 to 11-hour flight from the UK. It’s become a popular choice for weddings and honeymoons, and is frequently visited by celebrities.

Travel Republic states the average cost of a two-week break in the Maldives is around £3,400 per person, including transport, accommodation, meals, and some activities.

Prices vary depending on where you stay and when you visit. Many who dream of visiting this picturesque destination often spend years saving up for their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Travel influencer Kara assists people in finding ways to travel to their desired destinations without splashing out. She described her budget trip to the Maldives as a “massive success”, managing to spend less than £50 a day.

Kara and her friend Tasha flew from the UK to the Maldivian capital, Male, documenting their journey on TikTok. Upon landing, they went through immigration and confirmed that the visa was free. Then it was time for the friends to reach their accommodation. Instead of travelling by seaplane or speedboat, like most visitors, they found a ferry terminal outside the airport. This cost them just 77p per person to reach the main city.

While waiting for a second ferry to take them to Thulusdoo, the pair grabbed a Burger King meal for just £7. They then hopped on the second ferry, which takes two hours and costs a mere £1.20.

For those in a hurry, a speedboat is available, slashing the journey time to half an hour, but at a steeper cost of £25. Upon arrival, they were whisked away from the ferry terminal to their hotel by a golf buggy, courtesy of the hotel staff.

Opting out of the more touristy islands, the savvy travellers chose to stay on one of the local islands, which Kara found to be a bargain. “It was way cheaper,” she said, with their beachfront hotel charging only £28 per person per night, breakfast and tourist tax included.

Their holiday began with a breathtaking sunset viewing, followed by a delightful evening meal that cost them just £6.50. The total spend for Kara’s day was an astonishingly low £41.67, covering accommodation, meals, and ferry rides.

“I did not think the Maldives was going to be this affordable,” Kara said on her TikTok page (@okay.kara.travels). Echoing her sentiments, one viewer shared: “We did the Maldives on a budget.”

Another viewer expressed regret for not having seen Kara’s tips earlier. They said: “I’m just back from the Maldives and we were over £10K – only five nights as well.” Meanwhile, a third commented: “Never thought it could be affordable! Amazing.”

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