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‘I visited a stunning European island that’s just like Ibiza’ | World | News

A captivating European island boasting natural beauty, historic charm, and vibrant nightlife has been dubbed as charismatic as Ibiza but with fewer tourists

Hvar, a stunning island located in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia features a mix of lush greenery, rolling hills, and rocky coastlines with clear blue waters. 

The island is known for its vibrant nightlife, especially in Hvar Town

There are numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants where visitors can enjoy live music, dancing, and socialising late into the night.

Daily Express journalist Matthew Dooley, who previously visited Hvar, told the paper: “Hvar is a stunning island in Croatia that has great nightlife alongside a few beautiful beaches.

“There were a good amount of tourists, but it feels less crowded than other hotspots in the Balearics or in Greece.”

He recommended visiting Strand Mekićevica just outside of Hvar town as a “quiet, rocky beach” that even has a local restaurant serving food and drink throughout the day.

Other popular beaches include Dubovica, Milna, and the nearby Pakleni Islands, which are a short boat ride from Hvar Town.

Hvar has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was originally settled by the Greeks and later became an important port for the Romans and Venetians.

The island’s architecture reflects its varied historical influences, with Gothic palaces, Renaissance buildings, and ancient fortifications.

Notable historical and cultural sites that are a must-visit include the Hvar Fortress (Fortica), St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Franciscan Monastery, and the ancient theatre of Hvar, which is one of the oldest public theatres in Europe.

Apart from the scenic views, it offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as sailing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling. The island’s trails and waters are perfect for exploring its natural beauty.

Tourists can even enjoy the delicious cuisine of Hvar which is characterised by fresh seafood, locally grown produce, and traditional Dalmatian dishes. Olive oil, wine, and lavender are also significant products of the island.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of dining experiences, from rustic konobas (traditional taverns) to upscale restaurants offering gourmet Mediterranean cuisine.

Hvar is accessible by ferry from the mainland cities of Split, Dubrovnik, and other nearby islands.

The island does not have an airport, so travellers typically fly into Split or Dubrovnik and then take a ferry.

The best time to visit Hvar is during the late spring to early fall (May to September) when the weather is warm and sunny, and the sea is perfect for swimming.

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