Published On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2024
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‘I visited an underrated and beautiful part of Greece that’s quieter than the islands’ | Travel News | Travel


Parga is a small town in northwestern Greece on the country’s gorgeous Ionian coast. I’d never class it as a hidden gem but it’s far less crowded than Mykonos or Santorini.

I loved the seaside town’s peaceful and safe beaches while you can get an incredible view from the old Venetian castle on top of the hill.

The colourful town has plenty of tavernas and while it’s not the cheapest spot in Greece, I managed to find some inexpensive spots.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, the cliff top monasteries in Meteora have to be seen to be believed.

Although the monasteries are popular with tourists, their inland location means many visitors fail to make it there. The Orthodox monasteries are all slightly different but an afternoon gives you the chance to explore some of the site.

I’d recommend just grabbing a snack in Meteora as the town’s restaurants are quite expensive and a few are tourist traps.


A port city, Volos has a relaxed atmosphere and it’s where I ate the best seafood I had in Greece. The restaurants have a casual feel and they’re much cheaper than in more touristy destinations.

Although Volos is a city destination, you can easily reach nearby beaches and these are much quieter than in popular hotspots.

Parga doesn’t have its own airport but you can fly to Ioannina Airport or Preveza to reach the town. Although Volos has its own airport there aren’t currently direct flights to the UK but you can fly to nearby Skiathos and catch the ferry or end your trip with a visit to Athens.

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