Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2024
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‘I visited one of the world’s best cities for expats but one thing would stop me moving’ | Travel News | Travel

Singapore was recently named Asia’s most liveable city, in a study from the expat experts at ECA International.

The tiny nation is one of the world’s smallest countries and it’s made up of 64 islands, although most expats live in Singapore city.

I visited Singapore in 2023 and it was easy to see why it’s such a popular choice with expats from around the world.

There’s so much green space, the streets are incredibly clean and the airport offers great connections to destinations all over the world.

However, there’s one thing that I think I’d struggle to cope with if I was an expat in Singapore.

Personally, I found the humidity really hard to deal with and it’s hard not to be pouring with sweat after walking for just five minutes during the wet season.

Although Singapore is a pretty walkable city and it’s easy to explore on foot, it’s hard to go on a long walk as it’s so humid.

The city is extremely prepared for humidity and shopping malls and restaurants are all air conditioned. But if you like to walk a lot, it might be a bit of a challenge.

Despite the humidity, I still think the city would be a really fun place to live as a British expat. The food is a particular highlight.

Singapore’s hawker culture is so impressive it even holds UNESCO-protected status. You’ll find food halls all over the city serving up incredible Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and fusion food.

I especially loved the sardine murtabak I got in Little India, tofu noodles on Orchard Road and chilli crab from Chinatown.

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