Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2023
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‘I’d been pregnant seven times by age 19 – I wish people would stop judging me’ | UK | News

A young woman has revealed her delight at finding out she’s expecting her fourth child at 21 – but says cruel trolls taunt her.

Angie first fell pregnant at 15 with her now-husband Jordon.

And the pair now have three children and are thrilled to be expecting their fourth.

But despite her happiness at having a large family at such a young age – she says trolls come at her with cruel comments calling her “pathetic” and “embarrassing”, reports The Mirror.

She also revealed that she fell pregnant as a teen while on birth control – and has suffered five miscarriages.

She said: “I’m not sure why it didn’t work for us, but we were meant to have a kid at that point.”

The young mum, from Colorado, USA, was speaking on the ‘Love Don’t Judge’ series on YouTube where she says by 19 she’d been pregnant seven times and had five miscarriages.

Angie, who documents her life as a family-of-five on Instagram under the handle @angie_faithh, said that there was a mixed reaction to her first pregnancy with “a lot of anger, shock and disappointment”

She said: “If somebody told me they were pregnant at 15, I would definitely be shocked as well.

“I knew that we weren’t going to get the best reactions from people.

“Everyone had a different reaction when we told them we were pregnant.”

But Angie ignored the more negative comments and welcomed their daughter Neveah, now four.

After meeting at Jordon at a party, the couple married shortly after Angie’s 16th birthday.

They welcomed their second son, Hudson, when Angie was 17 and went on to have their third child born last year, Finley.

Angie said: “The judgement can be hard.

“I was still very young and in school when I found out I was pregnant, so I lost everybody that I was close to because we no longer had the same lives.”

She added: “They say I’m pathetic and that this is not something to brag about and an embarrassment.

“Everybody wants us to fail, so you have more pressure on you.”

She added: “The miscarriages have taught me to just be grateful for the kids that I have.

“I always wanted a big family.”

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