Published On: Sun, Dec 10th, 2023
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‘I’m a travel expert and I know how to get extra legroom on a flight’ | Travel News | Travel

‌Aeroplanes aren’t known for comfortable seating. But a few areas on the plane will give travellers a little extra legroom.

Yasmin Pekel, travel expert at Blue Cruise, has shared her best tips for travellers who want a bit more room to stretch on their flight.

Yasmin said: “If you’re tall or simply want some extra legroom, consider opting for an exit row or bulkhead seat.

“Exit row seats are typically situated near emergency exits, and passengers sitting in these seats must be non-disabled adults in full fitness as they may be required to physically assist in an emergency evacuation.”

Exit row seats can’t be occupied by a child as passengers may be required to open the door if there’s an incident.

While the seats will give passengers a little extra legroom, travellers will need to store all their luggage in the overhead lockers.

Yasmin said: “Bulkhead seats, meanwhile, also offer additional legroom. These seats are located behind a physical divider, so there’s no chance of anybody reclining their seat into your space.”

Bulkhead seats are usually at the front of a seating area and might be right behind the toilet or service area.

Due to their proximity to the toilet, passengers may find the seats are a little noisier than other areas of the plane.

Yasmin added: “Be wary if you plan to take a lot of belongings on board, however, as bulkhead seats often have limited under-seat storage.”

On a long haul flight with screens, bulkhead seats will usually have a pull out screen instead of one in front. Passengers should be aware they may be moved from the bulkhead seat if a baby is on the flight.

Bulkhead seats are often used for babies as there is room for a bed. Passengers may also have to pay extra to sit in the desirable position.

Yasmin added: “Remember that some aircraft have different seating configurations. Visit the airline’s website and take a look at seat maps.”

Most airlines will have a seat map online although passengers will often have to pay to select their own seat.

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