Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2023
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‘I’m a travel expert and I know how to holiday without breaking the bank’ | Travel News | Travel

Planning a holiday but worrying about the cost? Although holiday prices have risen over the last year, there are still a few tips that can help British tourists travel for less.

Flight prices tend to fluctuate but usually rise as it gets closer to the date of travel. It’s a good idea to set up price alerts on a comparison site.

Cody Candee, CEO and founder of Bounce, said: “Try a wonky weekend. It is commonly known that travelling mid-week will offer you cheaper tickets when it comes to flights, trains, and buses, but what if you can’t take that much holiday from work?

“Travelling from Saturday to Monday rather than Friday to Sunday will mean not only bagging cheaper deals but avoiding those chaotic ‘rush hours’.”

Many 9-5 workers prefer to travel on a Friday but holidaymakers could save if they’re prepared to take a Monday off instead.

But how can Brits save once they arrive in their holiday destination?

Cody said: “When visiting tourist hotspots such as New York or Paris, the most popular activities will often be the most expensive.

“However, local residents may offer you some insight into how to experience hotspots without breaking the bank.

“This could include off-grid activities such as hiking to an amazing viewpoint rather than taking a busy train or taking your own boat out rather than joining a day cruise. This type of activity will allow you to build your own itinerary and explore how you wish.”

Local residents will always know the city’s best-kept secrets that haven’t made the guidebooks.

Tourists could also ask the concierge at their hotel or their Airbnb host for restaurant and activity recommendations if they’re looking for something cheaper.

It’s also a great idea to head on a self-guided walking tour to see some of the city’s best sights. Check out Europe’s most walkable city.

Cody added: “Travel insurance is often left until the last minute, but this can drive costs higher.

“Consider if you will be travelling more than once this year, in which case, annual cover may be cheaper.”

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