Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2023
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‘I’m a travel expert and this is how I sneak a few extra items on the plane’ | Travel News | Travel

Hand luggage restrictions can present a challenge. On many budget airlines, Britons now need to pay extra to bring a bag for the overhead locker.

Restrictions vary across airlines and on easyJet and Ryanair passengers can only bring a bag that fits under the seat if they don’t want to pay extra.

While the rolling packing technique can help Britons squeeze more in a small case, a travel expert has shared how he gets a few extra items on the plane.

Nick Kembel, travel expert and blogger at, told “If you’re trying to sneak on a few extra items, wear them.

“Layers. Also creatively attaching things like scarves to your bags or stuffing reading materials into pockets never hurt.”

While tourists will need to be careful not to overheat, wearing extra layers on the plane could help them sneak more items onboard.

Tourists could try wearing an extra jacket or an additional t-shirt if it’s not too uncomfortable onboard.

Nick added: “Ever thought about non-liquid alternatives? Bar soaps, dry shampoo, and even toothpaste tabs!

“Not only are they space saves, but they also simplify security checks. After an unfortunate lotion spill in Prague, I’ve become a solid, pardon the joke, advocate for this practice.”

Bars of soap and shampoo bars will usually take up less space in hand luggage and won’t count as liquids.

This means tourists will have more space in their clear liquid bag for items that need to be checked as liquids.

For tourists who are struggling to fit items in their case, Nick recommends keeping outfit choices simple.

He said: “A neutral palette. It’s incredible how many outfits you can craft from a few well-chosen, versatile pieces.

“Ditch the one-off outfits, and maybe, just maybe, consider reducing the shoe count. If all else fails? Wear the bulkiest pair.”

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