Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024
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Inside Italy’s new £30m Rwanda-style migrant plan as processing to start within weeks | World | News

Albania is gearing up to host camps processing asylum applications for migrants rescued by Italian authorities, with operations set to kick off on May 20, 2024.

A recent document shed light on the deal’s specifics.

In a pact signed last November, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni agreed to redirect rescued migrants to Albania for processing their asylum claims.

The deal, reminiscent of the UK-Rwanda migration proposal, drew mixed reactions.

The tender, valued at £30 million, outlines the establishment of three facilities capable of housing around 3,000 individuals.

These sites will handle landing procedures, asylum assessments, and potential repatriation.

Healthcare provisions include medical clinics and specialist teams.

Upon arrival, migrants will receive basic essentials and access to legal assistance.

Strict security measures will be enforced, with residents confined to the facilities until their asylum claims are processed.

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